1/4 Mile ET, Horsepower, and MPH Visual Calculator
This calculator allows you to interactively change the variables that determine your quarter mile elapsed time and trap speed. You can alter horsepower and/or weight and see the estimated ET and MPH graphed in real-time.

For example, you may want to know how fast (or slow) your car might be at the dragstrip. Or, maybe you'd like to find out if removing some extra weight will be worthwhile.

Drag the horsepower and weight slider bars around and see how it affects your trap time and speed.

  1. The ET, MPH, and horsepower are estimated. Reaction time and traction are not taken into consideration. The calculations of elapsed time and speed are based on gross horsepower, or flywheel horsepower, or brake horsepower, or whatever you want to call it. The horsepower at drive wheels figure is simply a 10% loss of horsepower from the engine to the road. That could be too much, not enough, or not enough too much.
  2. A simple version of this calculator is available as part of my RPM / Speed / Gear Ratio Visual Calculator. That page will help you select a ring and pinion and other useful things.
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Source code for this project is available for
download under the terms and conditions of the
GNU General Public License.